All latest Google SEO updates of 2013 – Check recent updated news

A new year 2013 has been started and all of Webmasters and promoters going to wonder what blenders they are going to see in SEO world in year 2013. Whats the latest Google SEO changes and News for 2013 related to SEO, which usually affects SEO & Search results with each SEO update. The days go and each day we saw something new happening and updating in SEO.  Google updates its algorithms on regularly bases now as Google confirmed that they will be doing almost 500 updates yearly in their system and we just keep curious to know what all latest Google SEO updates of 2013 going to take place and how they are going to affect their years of SEO work on websites. The time Google SEO update news come in market and we just keep searching for the affect or benefit of these latest SEO updates on our websites. On this page we are going to share each update either its Google Algorithm Update 2013, Google Panda Update 2013, Google Penguin Update 2013, Google Page Rank Update 2013 or Google SEO Update for 2013.  So lets start to check what all recent seo updates has took place till now in 2013.
Update 1 on 17 January 2013 – Google Algorithm Update :
The first Google update of 2013 we have seen on 17th January 2013 when suddenly all SEO results has been changed and it was confirmed that their was a Google Algorithm update has took place. But Google officially denied that their was no update from Google but according to Webmaster their was a Google Algorithm Update for sure.
Check this article for more details : Possibly Google Algorithm Update
Update 2 on 22 January 2013 – Google Panda Algorithm Update #24 :
Soon after the unofficial Google algorithm update which webmasters seen on 17 January 2013, Google has announced an official Google Panda Algorithm update on 22 January 2013. This was Google Panda update and affected low quality website. Officially this update has affected 1.2 search queries.
Check this article for more details: Officially Google Panda Update #24
Update 3 on 25 January 2013 – Google Page Rank Update :
The very first Google Page rank update of 2013 took place on 25 January 2013. According to webmasters this was a very minor Google pagerank update and change has been seen on fewer of websites only. Majorly this was assumed like this was a downgrade Google pagerank update only and it has affected only high page rank websites having more or less 4-5 page rank and a downfall in their page rank has been seen.
Check this article for  more details: Downgrade in Google Page Rank
Update 4 on 27 January 2013 -  Google Rolled Back Its Recent Google Algorithm Updates
SEO Webmasters has confirmed that they have seen a lot of signs that Google is rolling back its recent Google SEO algorithm updates which took place on 17 January 2013 and 22 January 2013. As we knew Google never says and disclose these kind of activities but the SEO affect of this has been seen.
Check this article for more details: Google Rolled Back Algorithm Updates
Update 5 on 30 January 2013 – Google Dance
SEO webmasters have seen that their was a Google dance going on soon after that latest Google SEO update happens on 22 January 2013. This was either a Google Dance or the google rolled back its algorithm update. But fluctuations of keywords in google search results keep moving and was not stable at all.
Check this article for more details: Google Dance
Update 6 on 4 February 2013 – Google Page Rank Update
Today On 4 February 2013 Google Toolbar Pagerank has been updated. This is a major page rank update of this year 2013. We have made predictions of this earlier and Google Page rank update has took place on exact time.
Check this article for more details: Google Page Rank Update February 2013
Update 7 on 12 February 2013 -  Signs of Google Algorithm Update May be Google Penguin
On 12 February, thousand of webmasters reported a downfall in their rankings. According to our observations and all feedback we received from SEO Executives and Webmasters, we have seen some strong chances that it was Google Penguin Update on 12 February 2013.
Check this article for more details: Google Penguin Update February 2013
Update 8 on 1st March 2013 -  Google Released How Search Works in Google Step By Step
On 1 February 2013, To increase the transparency regarding Google Search Engine algorithms. Google has released a interactive platform for users to users know more about how Google search engine algorithm works. You can check out all details in this article for How Google Search Works
These are all latest Google SEO updates of 2013 which we have seen till now. As Google is doing changes very frequently these days and we can expect a new Google SEO news daily :) So keep checking for recent and updated SEO news of 2013 or share if you have any other SEO Updates or SEO news for 2013.


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