No doubt that the most interested and the Webmasters of websites and blogs field of SEO or search engine optimization are familiar Google Knowledge Graph update, Google Panda and Google Penguin, the update has been greatly on the algorithm Google in February of last year and the impact more than 50% of the search results on the Google, which was a catastrophe for some sites and a victory to each other. Also, that this update from Google did not change the traditional concepts of SEO marketing like Affiliate Overthrow but not the concepts of e-marketing as a whole and not the policy of many companies on the web about the strategies adopted by the SEO.

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In this article in SEO FightBack blog you will learn more about the updates to Google Panda, and we have a simple comparison between the factors optimized for search engines SEO Factors before and after updating the Panda ... and here I would note that we did not we include all these factors and we restrict ourselves only to the factors, the most famous and which known to most workers in this field.
Google Panda update

The main objective of Google Panda update is to fight duplicate content and landing arrange the positions that are - thought to Google - it is of poor quality and raising the order of good locations and according to the definition of Google sites with poor quality content, they are sites that do not provide any real value for users and sites that copy content from other sites and disseminated by third party sites and useful sites empty content is published for the purpose of display ads only!

What are the principles adopted by Google in the process of rearrangement sites by Google panda update?

Google began hiring private individuals (students, women's homes, people who work in their homes ...) evaluation of their job sites that appear in the search results based on the Guideline manual or preset by Google and directs individuals in the way of building their evaluations. The idea was simply that these individuals or the evaluator informs Google about what they believe good sites and bad sites.
Navneet Panda Google

Taking Google's data adopted by the evaluators began analyzed by processors and sophisticated machines based on the technology of artificial intelligence and have the ability to learn and conclusion and in this way was able to drive Google to make of this update is part of the reduce webspam when the anointed of the sites and putting them on the search results pages and began to distinguish between sites "good" sites and "bad" and was supervised by the process engineer Navneet Panda, which is called the update name.

Google began introducing new factors in his logarithms not used before webmasters as CTR and Bounce Rate and Time on Site such as Review Engine ROI and the signals coming from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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