We specialise in both on page Seo and off page Seo.

With the global economy the way it is today there has never been a more important time to increase your business sales. Having a company website is not much use if nobody can find it, having a high ranking website will increase your website traffic by up to 80%. Now what would that do for your business?
on page seo off page seo
  • Our SEO Company can provide you with on page and off page SEO. On page SEO is work that is carried out on your webpage’s, the sole purpose is to optimize your website to perform better on the search engines. We do this by performing a detailed assessment of your website URLs, titles, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, H1 Headline Text, H2 Headline Text, IMG ALT Attributes and your websites body text (Content).
  • Off page SEO is search engine optimisation that is preformed off page. Off page SEO is very important if your website is fairly new, work will concentrate on link building campaigns, web directory submissions, press releases, article submissions, and blog commenting, to name a few. Keyword research is just as important for off page as it is for on page, the anchor text that you use to link to your website goes a long way in dictating what keywords your site will rank for.
  • Search Engine Optimisation is time consuming and requires lots of planning, SEO can do more harm than good if it is done incorrectly. Every SEO campaign we aim to be affordable and provide our clients a high Return on Investment. We believe that a happy customer is a returning customer.
  • We offer many SEO services, to help your website such as, top Google rankings, web directory submissions, article submissions service, search engine submissions and social bookmarking.
  • If you are unsure how we can help your website, then you should order our top ten website optimisation report, the report will analyse your website and tell you what changes need to be made in order to achieve higher rankings. We can do the work for you or you can do it yourself.


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